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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Once again, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Many are excited but many are depressed and down as they do not have the means to do what so many think is the norm. Ads have gotten so bad that some feel that if they can't spend thousands on their kids or loved ones they are failing. Very sad how brainwashed we have become as to what Christmas means. Yes, it is nice to get, and give, nice presents but, times being what they are, this is just not possible for all. Should it be?

I remember my grandparents talking about some of the best Christmases they could remember. Many times the talk went back to the days during the depression. Food was scarce and so was everything else. Getting a couple of cookies, a piece of candy and an orange was a big deal and a blessed Christmas. My one grandmother said her dad would order a barrel of oysters and they would arrive on the train from Baltimore. Having a turkey and the trimmings WAS the big deal. They also did not dwell on or have mental problems because they were not wealthy. Love and caring for each other carried them through all the hard times.

All of the electronics parents go in debt for are the desires of today. Game consoles, I phones, tablets, cell phones and who knows what else run into the billions and kids are being transformed into mindless robots without the right feelings or respect toward others. They live in a cyber world where reality is an abstract. What this season is really all about is sadly, rarely discussed in a majority of American homes. Many do not even have an idea of who Jesus really is. The genuine love and caring between families has disappeared in way too many homes as what can be bought takes priority over everything else. Materialism at its finest.

Some still cling to these old values and there are those who work at places providing meals for the needy, basic items for the homeless, and even visit hospitals and nursing homes singing carols and carrying feelings of love and concern but these are getting more and more rare.

Feeling depressed or down during the holidays? Get up off it and try doing something good for others who really need it. The list is long. Many residents of nursing homes have no one. Try a simple visit and feel the love. Asking someone in or having them over to share in the Christmas meal can work wonders. Doing something that may seem trivial and meaningless to you may just give someone less fortunate the hope they need to carry on.

Drinking too much or messing with drugs? Get out and get to some of the many help groups out there and join them in   celebrating Christmas, clean and sober. Talk about a miracle in the flesh. Sober get togethers and parties. Good for the soul and the body. Millions do it.

Getting passed the hype commercial advertisers put on this season is not easy. It takes work these days. It is easy to become bitter or resentful over what you don't have, instead of being thankful for what you do. Drop by a hospital and visit the children's ward. See real innocents suffering who have done nothing wrong to anyone. A small gift to some there would mean the world. Want a real challenge? Try visiting an orphanage though this isn't for the faint of heart.

Anytime you "get down" over the Christmas Season, it is easy to feel blessed if you do a little looking around or get involved and do a little work for others. Not hard at all to find someone worse off then you are that would appreciate any help at all. There are thousands who do not need a fortune spent on them to feel you have helped them, cared for them, or showed concern by some simple act.

Over two thousand years ago a King was born to save us. He did not come with great pomp and circumstance but in the poorest of births. Jesus Christ showed us how even a simple man of faith can change the world. It has been forever changed by His glorious birth. What a marvelous gift God gave mankind. If we can only mimic a little of His love towards others what a huge difference could be made in this world. Doing something like this for others I am sure would be a treasured Christmas gift to the greatest King ever. I write this simple message as a tribute to my Lord and Saviour and do say to Him,
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