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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

    This is a question that is kind of hard to answer since no one from one Klan knows exactly the number of members other Klans have. 'Numbers' is not the best way to judge a Klan group anyway.

     To those thinking of joining who are researching which Klan is best, any member will tell you his is, naturally. Is it though? There are many things to look for.

     Is the group a "showboat" outfit looking to get media attention no matter how bad they appear doing it? Do they appear in public with just a small number of people making the Klan look weak? Do they get in public debates unprepared making themselves look ignorant? Is dues money paid to the Klan as a whole (with records kept and taxes filed). Is the money used for the group as a whole or does it go into the pockets of one or two members? Is rank earned by hard work for the Klan or given out as favors?

     Another important issue to look at is the quality of the members. Are they good Christian people you want your family to be around or do they take just about anyone who applies? (I know for a fact some have taken ones we rejected or kicked out). Are they people who sincerely care about helping the white Christian race or are they ones who just want to be part of a 'gang'?

     Is the Klan one who practices secrecy, or do they appear in public, on radio or on t.v. airing their "dirty linen"? Do they go from place to place running each other down, again, making the Klan look weak? Do they really uphold the original intentions of the Klan fathers, or do they do things their own way? Do they teach real Klankraft, or made-up ideas?

     Do the officers and leaders keep their members informed? Do they fellowship with all, or do some set themselves on a pedestal above others? Do they actually care about all as a family?

     Is a feeling of belonging there, or just a monthly payment?

     Many claim to be law abiding and to abstain from any acts of violence. Do they have communication with the authorities enabling them to explain their goals and define their purpose, or do they run at the mention of law enforcement? Can any of the officers sit down and discuss policies with the Federal Agencies? Do they know how to handle any who go rogue?

     Most importantly, will their Imperial Wizard "take the heat" to keep it off of you? All of these are very important questions one needs to have answered in an honest way before joining any Klan. If the Klan is there only to make an income off of you and to make themselves out to be important, why join?

     Here, members ARE family. True, if any go astray, they are reprimanded and if they violate the Konstitution badly enough, they are put out. This is our way, the way of the Klan. We do our best here to protect each and every member. Some can't be known to be members due to different reasons, but one of the biggest being their vocation. That is all right. We order no one to do anything that would jeopardize their livelihood. We protect each members identity. We also are here to pray for any who need special help, and pull together to do for a brother or sister in trouble. We CARE about each other.

     We do have rules, laws and edicts to obey. Anytime someone feels this is not right for them they may leave honorably, with our blessing. The ones who are true Klansmen, (those who walk the walk), are expected to adhere strictly to our ways. We have a level playing field for all.

     We, of the U.N.S.K., believe honor, integrity and honesty to be sacred words. We are a Christian group who follow the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ and these things are certainly values one must have. The ways of scoundrels and scallywags are just not tolerated.

     Our ways are at times hard, our goals often not easy to achieve. However, there are many here willing to help. A lot go above and beyond to offer advice, counseling and guidance learned from experience. We will not leave you stranded to try and fend for yourself.

     Just as the Marines look for a "few good men (and women), so do we. We value quality much more then quantity. In all honesty, we reject a lot more applications then we accept. We have strived to build a better Klan. One members can have pride in belonging to. One whose people don't need to feel guilty about being a part of it.

     Choosing a Klan group is a difficult decision. I highly suggest not jumping into any right away. Spend some time and do some research. Read what the officers have to say. See what the members are doing and what they are talking about. See how their leaders lead. If it doesn't seem right, or looks to be phony, it probably is. Stay far, far away from those. I know many people who have been lied to about the group they were joining, about what they do, how they treat members, what they will gain, etc.. I know a lot who, believe it or not, have literally been ripped off by the very ones sworn to serve them. That is despicable but it happens more times then we would like to know.

     If you are serious about becoming a true Klansman, can meet our requirements for membership and have an honest desire to be part of something greater then yourself, then we would love to talk with you. Before you do anything though, do your homework. You will be glad in the long run that you did.

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Emperor: Phil Lawson

Imperial Wizard: Cole Thornton
Imperial Klaliff: Ron Knight
Imperial Klazik: Eddie Snelgrove
Imperial Klokard: Barney Ross
Imperial Kludd:  Fred White
Imperial Kligrapp: Michael "Dick" Murdoch
Imperial Klabee: J.B. Books
Imperial Kleagle: Jim Noble
Imperial Kladd: Blaine Mason
Imperial Knight Hawk: Paul Coleman
Imperial Klexter: Billy Ray
Imperial Klarogo: Floyd Pepper
Imperial Klokan: Gary Shelton
Imperial Klokan: Billy Edwin
Imperial Klokan:
Imperial Klokan: Glynn Peters

European Supreme Grand Dragon: Matt Turner

L.O.T.I.E. Imperial Komander: Cleve Thornton

L.O.T.I.E. Imperial Klaliff:

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