Illegal Immigration

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Illegal Immigration

Post by Klovis » Sun May 26, 2019 10:22 pm

I heard this on One America News recently...The Center for Immigration Studies and Homeland Security have estimated that we have over 26,000,000 illegals in America and it costs the American public $86,000,000,000....yes billion dollars per year! We have 700,000 illegals covered under DACA and 100,000 illegals graduated from our public schools this year. On average, it costs $10,615 for a year of public school for students...when you combine the Federal, State, and Local costs. That is $1,061,500 for this years illegal graduating class of students in the US. We will have 800,000 illegals enrolled in our public schools by will cost us $85,500,000,000...yep...BILLION! These figures are astounding and definitely will make your blood boil! If there was ever a reason to shut down the Southern border, this is definitely it. It is just madness what is occuring in OUR country!!! :twisted:

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Re: Illegal Immigration

Post by Paul Hanson AU » Wed May 29, 2019 11:19 pm

I feel for you guys as here in Australia we have water all around our country and no one much gets in illegally, it's the legal ones and mostly the black ones & muslims that are diluting our way of life. A wall is a cheap answer on your southern border as the USA does not owe the Mexicans or anyone else anything.
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