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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Many people swear an oath when they join something. Many of us know about this from joining one of the military branches. Police officers swear an oath, as do Congressmen, Senators, and even the President. Living up to that oath is another story. A major problem we have in America today are the ones who violate this oath. Once violated, their integrity and honor is ruined. It is the same with the Klan.

In the military, if a person violates the oath badly enough they are given a dishonorable discharge. Once this occurs, they may not go to another branch and enlist in it.  The Masonic Order is similar. If you are kicked out of your home lodge, you can not go to another one and join it. The reason is simple. If you are not good enough for one branch then you certainly are not good enough for another.

In the Klan, violation of the Oath carries different penalties. It depends on what level the offenses occur, to what degree and how many violations are committed. Some can be something that is considered trivial and may only warrant an oral or written warning. Other violations may warrant a fine and/or suspension. Offenses  that are serious enough may warrant banishment. This is the highest level of punishment and it is so distasteful to any true Klansman that they will do practically anything to avoid it.

Banishment is the extreme punishment. Once given, the offender is no longer worthy to hold the title of Klansman and is shunned by all honorable Klansmen worldwide.

Unfortunately, most of the rogue Klans do not honor banishment and will take banished members in. This is one thing that proves they are not genuine Klan. To give credibility to a banished member is something so wrong that just the thought of it is disgusting to a real Klansman. This is an area people should check out thoroughly before joining any Klan. If the group has members such as this, one should avoid them like the plague for they have no honor and do not respect time honored traditions or our laws. There is no exception to this in any way, shape or form.

We have rigid laws and traditions. They have been handed down through the ages and are honored by all true Klansmen. They are not open to change or interpretation. Violation of these traditions is serious and banishment was instituted to help enforce them. It is meant to be harsh and distasteful to all.

Another honest point is that any who join with, follow or associate with banished members can never be real Klansmen either. They will never be recognized by real Klan. Anyone can put on a robe and call themselves a Klansman. That doesn't make it so. They can call or make themselves any title or rank they choose as well, but, it still does not make it real. It is like a person buying a uniform from an army surplus store, and putting medals and ribbons on it. It may look genuine, but, it is totally worthless, just as the person wearing it is.

Many have complained about what they see on t.v. when the Klan is portrayed like a bunch of inbred, ignorant violent racists screaming obscenities and calling for acts of random violence. They get these people from wherever and most of them are from the groups I have just talked about. They act like that because they are not real and do not follow true ways of the Klan. Phonies. Fakes. They do not hold sacred the real ways of the true Klan and it makes those of us that do look bad as well. Most misinterpret our laws and ways to fit their personal agenda and this is where the trouble begins.

Just as many change or misrepresent scripture to make it fit what they want to do, so do most of these phony "Klansmen" with our constitution. They will say things like, well, that was back when there was one big Klan. Wrong. Edicts, laws and principles are the same today as they were then and they apply equally to ANY Klansman taking the oath. It is a sworn oath taken before God Almighty and is meant to be honored and upheld to the very end. Honor, integrity, and commitment help enable all to live up to it. If a person can't or won't commit in one place, he certainly will not do it in another. Thus the reason for banishment to rid the order of undesirables who ruin our name.

Sad to say, in all my years of doing this, I, and my officers, have only found one other Klan that honors this. I am not free to mention its name, but, our members know who they are.  There may be a couple more but I have not found them yet. The other "real" Klan and we work together and follow the same laws and principles. If you leave there, do not come here and vice-versa. If you are banished with one you are surely done with the other, as it should be. When the trash gets taken out it stays out. This eliminates many problems. 

Too many groups calling themselves Klan will take anyone that applies to them to increase their membership numbers and bring in more dues money. Here, only about 25% of those submitting an application are accepted. Quality over quantity. Many say it but very few follow it. If everyone did most of these problems of phony Klansmen with false teachings would not exist.
The true Klan ways are hard to follow and live up to. Taking one's self out of the picture and doing for others is not an easy accomplishment. This is where many fall by the wayside as they become more concerned about self and what they can get out of it, or even worse, how "important" they can become. Once a person starts down this path their future is pretty much already predicted as they are doomed to failure.

The oath is sacred, binding, and applicable to each person who obtains membership. It applies equally from the newest probate to the Imperial Wizard so all are on a level playing field. It is a way of life we have chosen to accept. There is no "choice" in what a Klansman accepts from it. Just as with the ten commandments there is no multiple choice. If a person lives and walks with the integrity and honor that they should, keeping to that way of life is no big deal.

As is written, a lying scoundrel may wrap his disgraceful frame within the sacred folds of a Klansman's robe and deceive the very elect, but only a Klansman possesses a Klansman's heart and a Klansman's soul. One who is found to be unworthy is to be banished, without fear or favor, not just from the U.N.S.K., but, from the Invisible Empire. That says it all.

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Emperor: Phil Lawson

Imperial Wizard: Cole Thornton
Imperial Klaliff: Ron Knight
Imperial Klazik: Gary Shelton
Imperial Klokard: 
Imperial Kludd:  Seth Ritter
Imperial Kligrapp: Johnny Moss
Imperial Klabee: Bear Ryder
Imperial Kleagle: D.Sean Hedgetree
Imperial Kladd:  Royce Hawk
Imperial Knight Hawk: Paul Coleman
Imperial Klexter:  Frank White
Imperial Klarogo: Dan Page
Imperial Klokan: 
Imperial Klokan: Billy Edwin
Imperial Klokan: Dallas Hedgetree
Imperial Klokan: Glynn Peters

European Supreme Grand Dragon: Matt Turner

L.O.T.I.E. Imperial Komander: Cleve Thornton

L.O.T.I.E. Imperial Klaliff: Vonda Hedgetree


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