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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Once again, another Christmas season rolls around. This has been some year. We saw one of the toughest fights in history for the election of a new President. A great gift already received that Hillary did not win. Many have had losses. Family members and loved ones have gone on, some have lost jobs, others homes and or businesses. We have witnessed a new surge of violence in the streets of America including the maniacal murder of police officers, abuse and neglect of children, illnesses of all forms, untold scandals in business and politics, wars around the globe and violent attacks right here at home from foreign enemies, as well as an outright attack by many on Christianity itself. Through it all, we fight on.

Still, come Christmas, there is that magic in the air. One can not help but pause at all the celebrating and decorating that seems to be everywhere. Hope. There is always that hope and security in the knowledge that Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Day. There can be nothing better to celebrate then this. The world was in as bad a shape or worse a little over two thousand years ago when the angels announced that a Saviour was to be born in Bethlehem, and He was.

Today some try and change the facts. We see "new religions" popping up claiming the bible is false, teachings were distorted, Jews controlled what was printed in the bible, that Christ has already returned at Pentecost, etc., etc.. Bull. The Klan was founded with a firm belief in the King James Bible and it followed through for decades. No need for any new fangled religion. This holy book is true from the first word on the first page to the last word on the last page. As our Imperial Kludd told me once in a discussion concerning this, the God, who we know that created and controls everything, authored a book for us to follow. There is no way He would allow anyone to distort that book from it's original meaning or intent. I heartily concur.

We know that scripture upon scripture was written foretelling the coming of a Saviour. People looked  many, many years for this to occur. Then, on that cold winter's night in Bethlehem, God delivered. Just as today, many did not accept him as Lord and King. That is our choice. Even though he fulfilled the prophecies about His coming some rejected it. He worked miracles, healed the sick, lame and blind, and even raised the dead. He bore our sins at Calvary and died a horrible death so that we may have forgiveness and eternal life through Him. He even died and arose, then ascended into Heaven promising to come back for us one day. Still, many scoff and do not believe in Him. This is mostly why there is so much hate and discontent in the world. Unbelief and failure or refusal to follow Him. One day, however, all will.

Until that day of His glorious return we must keep on  going the best we can, trying to lead as many as we can to Him, and also help those who already have accepted Him. We must defend those unable to defend themselves from the wolves in sheep's clothing and these come in many forms. Often enough in some of the same garments we wear. Not all who profess to be Klan are REAL Klan. They are in it for what they can get out of it. For self gain or notoriety. The true Klansman is in it to help others. Humbleness and duty are bywords of a true Klansman. However, just as some pose phony or false religions, they also represent a phony Klan. Always be careful for the Devil is constantly seeking those who he might conquer.

As for right now, enjoy this great festive season. Turn your troubles and heartaches over to a living Lord. Jesus cares about us all and loves us dearly. What he suffered for us proves that without question. He also holds all power and can help us through any situations that arise. Ask Him, and most importantly, thank Him. Enjoy Santa, great food, nice presents and holiday niceties, but, remember for whom we celebrate. Without Jesus Christ, Christmas would mean nothing.

Once more, I say to my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ,  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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Imperial Klazik: Gary Shelton
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Imperial Klabee: Bear Ryder
Imperial Kleagle: D.Sean Hedgetree
Imperial Kladd:  Royce Hawk
Imperial Knight Hawk: Paul Coleman
Imperial Klexter:  Frank White
Imperial Klarogo: Dan Page
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Imperial Klokan: Billy Edwin
Imperial Klokan: Dallas Hedgetree
Imperial Klokan: Glynn Peters

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