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Monday, November 20, 2017

Faults in the Klan


Soon after the Klan was brought into being some began using the Klan name to commit atrocities and random acts of violence contrary to the beliefs of the Klan. Because of this, General Forrest ordered all Klans to shut down. We know not all complied and that the Klan did experience a rebirth later in history. It was brought back in strength with the correct idea that white Christian people unite in a common cause.

As with any institution in the world, corruption crept in. Money and power led many astray. Not uncommon among people, unfortunately. There were grabs for positions, plots to gain control of finances, and many falling from what was the original intent of the founding fathers.

Throughout our history too many of these problems plagued the Klan. We had some very strong leaders that strictly adhered to the original ideas and beliefs. We also had some that went their own way and took many with them. Because of this, problem after problem occurred. Many groups fell due to not following the laws and principles.

The Klan was weakened mightily as some let greed, lust and the need for control seep in and ruin good, original intent.

As these problems grew things not of the basic belief of the real Klan began to sneak in and fester. Some who did not learn what was taught originally began to insert their own ideas and beliefs into their respective groups. A mighty struggle arose from that and it continues, even today. False teachings, straying from the Holy Bible, misuse of funds, and abuse of power are but a few. These things come form the scallywags that the founding fathers warned us about. There are plenty of them around today too.

A major flaw was that the Klan name was never trademarked so anyone can start a "Klan" group. Even ones legally banished who should be totally shunned by our own laws go out and begin new Klan groups. These people who could not uphold the sacred oath were banished because they could not follow the ways. How, then, could they ever be expected to follow them, much less lead a reputable order? Worse yet they teach things and ways that were never part of what the original intent of the Klan is.

These people, and their followers are a lot of what gave/gives the Klan a bad name. Most people have no idea what the Klan really was in the beginning or what it stood for. They have no idea of the many good deeds that were done by the Klan. The public has been largely convinced that we are a racist organization that hates other races and will commit almost any atrocity against them. While some radicals accept these ideas, they are not part of what was intended and they have no place here. We also will not associate with them.

Some have asked why we use the Klan and don't just start something new? That is the easy way but we also know there is something in a person that makes them a Klansman, not just joining a group. The proof that this is true is in just how a person conducts themselves and how they adhere to true Klan ways. The deceivers  are the ones who do not follow strict laws and principles and act on what they want, not what is doctrine.

The real Klan life is hard. Denying one's self to do for others is one of the hardest things a person can do. To follow the teachings of the Holy Bible and to try and lead a righteous life is a struggle in itself without adding more commitment. Especially in todays "what's in it for me world", the Klan life is extremely hard to live up to. Duty and service are not things a lot want to add to their routine but they are definite requirements of a real Klansman.

If you are researching information about the Klan or maybe are interested in joining I highly recommend that you do a LOT of searching. Phony groups abound and many on the surface sound genuine. It is that which is deep down that makes the difference. If the group is more interested in doing for those in need then for a few at the top, that is a start. If they follow the Bible and not some phony religion that is also a good indicator. If they teach what is genuine and not made up, another good point. Also look at how members are treated. How they fellowship and relate to each other. Is it a real family or is that just a pretense. How accessible are the senior officers? There are numerous things to look for.

The Klan, as with anything else, is no better then the people who make it up. What a real Klan is comes from what is taught and practiced, not just what is said. Liars can talk some wonderful things when trying to convince people of something. Proof in point is many of our politicians and the phony Klan groups have many like it. Be warned and be wary. One sad thing we see way too often is people that could potentially be very good Klansmen being deceived, led astray, and taken advantage of, causing them to leave and never achieve that which they started out to do. That is beyond despicable and contrary to the very basics of what a true Klan is supposed to be.

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Emperor: Phil Lawson

Imperial Wizard: Cole Thornton
Imperial Klaliff: Ron Knight
Imperial Klazik: Seth Ritter
Imperial Klokard: Martin Douglas
Imperial Kludd:  Seth Ritter
Imperial Kligrapp: Nicole Ryder
Imperial Klabee: Bear Ryder
Imperial Kleagle: D.Sean Hedgetree
Imperial Kladd:  Royce Hawk
Imperial Knight Hawk: Paul Coleman
Imperial Klexter:  Frank White
Imperial Klarogo: Dan Page
Imperial Klokan:  Deano Freeman
Imperial Klokan: Billy Edwin
Imperial Klokan: Dallas Hedgetree
Imperial Klokan: Glynn Peters

European Supreme Grand Dragon: Matt Turner

L.O.T.I.E. Imperial Komander: Cleve Thornton

L.O.T.I.E. Imperial Klaliff: Vonda Hedgetree


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