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Friday, April 20, 2018

Merry Christmas

At last, a President and First Lady honoring Jesus Christ and saying Merry Christmas! Prayer is being brought back at the opening of government meetings. Preachers are being given the freedom to preach the true gospel without fear of arrest or persecution. Things are changing, and for the better.


A little over two thousand years ago God gave mankind the greatest gift of all time, His Son, so that we may be forgiven our sins and have eternal life through Him. Once again it is that time of year to celebrate this glorious event. This is a most festive time and should be so.


This is a time to enjoy the magic of the season. To celebrate with friends and family. To give of ourselves unto others. Forget about how much you need to spend and settle for the simplest of pleasures. After all, the King of Kings was not born in a mansion but rather a humble stable, then laid in a manger.


There is so much to share with others that costs little or nothing. The wonderful Christmas Carols, Christmas movies, beautiful decorations everywhere, the warmth of true friends and the love of family. We do not need to spend a fortune to show others that we love them. A kind word, a nice smile and a joyful "Merry Christmas" can mean so much to so many.


There is nothing wrong with giving presents and surely nothing wrong with those that can afford it giving pricey gifts. However, for those who have little or nothing there still is the greatest gift of all that is absolutely free, Jesus Christ. Ours for the asking. You can freely give this greatest gift by spreading His gospel.


As we decorate the tree, put up holiday trimmings and plan for the celebration of God's Son being born remember that simple things mean a lot. Home baked cookies, pies and cakes, home made candy, and even a home made card can really brighten the holidays for most. Phone calls to friends, letters to family, and telling someone how much they mean to you can make the season bright.


This can be the most wonderful time of the year if we do not allow ourselves to fall into the trap of it is how much I spend that counts, as this is so not true. Far to often we beat ourselves up trying to find ways to spend, spend, spend. Drop a little into the Salvation Army kettle and enjoy the feel of giving to someone that truly is in need. Say a kind word to people you pass on the street. Give a toy to Toys for Tots. Tell a child how well behaved they are or how good of a job they are doing. These things may seem small but they are huge in some people's eyes. This is what God wants us to do, show love for others and that feeling is one of the best in the world. It is not so much the amount we spend but the thought that counts, and this has been lost by the commercialization we have allowed to happen.


Christmas can be a very sad time for many. Those who have lost family members and friends, those without Christ, the forsaken and beaten down, ones in the military away from home and loved ones, and a host of others. Doesn't take much to show them we care.


There is much evil in the world and we see it in so many ways on the news each day. Do not let this cloud the fact that God is still on the throne and that His Son, Jesus Christ is seated next to Him interceding for us. No doubt that those of us who believe in Him have much to be thankful for and a whole lot to celebrate, so enjoy it to the fullest. While Satan is on the attack we must not give in to his desires but rather fight back and promote God's love and caring in any way we can. This is where the real magic of the season blossoms. 


Christmas is such a special time. Santa comes to town, Jack Frost nips at our noses, and Frosty the Snowman is built in many places. These things should be enjoyed to the fullest along with all of the tales of the season such as Scrooge, A Christmas Story, and It's A Wonderful Life as they entertain us greatly. We are meant t enjoy this life too, not suffer sadness because we are Christians. Everything in it's proper place though as first and foremost this season is about the birth of our Lord. Everything else is secondary so always teach your children this and the way in which they should go. THIS will be your greatest gift to them, ever.


As one who is eternally grateful for God's love and mercy, and for the wonderful gift of His Son, I say once more to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ-----HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!


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Emperor: Phil Lawson

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Imperial Klabee: Rick Stan
Imperial Kleagle: John White
Imperial Kladd:  Royce Hawk
Imperial Knight Hawk: Paul Coleman
Imperial Klexter:  Frank White
Imperial Klarogo: Dan Page
Imperial Klokan:  Deano Freeman
Imperial Klokan: Billy Edwin
Imperial Klokan: Dallas Hedgetree
Imperial Klokan: Glynn Peters

European Supreme Grand Dragon: Matt Turner

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