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.: The Goal :.

The goal of the United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan is to unite White Christians through the bond of brotherhood and make them aware of the problems facing our country. We educate them on how and when to take action (in a non violent way). The United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan is a patriotic, fraternal, law abiding organization. We are working to uphold the Christian values this country was founded on. We protect these values from those who seek to remove them from our society. Our ideology is simple, self preservation and the advancement of the White Christian America. We hope that you will take time to read through the wealth of information on this site and take time to decide if membership is right for you. In the event membership is not right for you, we can use your assistance in a variety of support programs. We are an active national organization striving to protect and preserve White Christian heritage and culture long into the future. If you want to play an active part in the preservation of the White race you may submit an application on the contact us page.


.: From the desk of the Imperial Wizard :.


    Another year of insanity for "Black Friday". People fighting and even shooting each other over things. Fine Christmas spirit. If that isn't bad enough, the government is intruding once again on the majority's right to celebrate Christmas. Several schools have outlawed anything having to do with Christmas in the classrooms. The old bull of separation of church and state. Let's get a couple of things straight. No matter how much they distort history the truth can still be found. One way to do this is read the papers of the founding fathers. (I am surprised these have not been declared illegal). There one can easily see the intent of our founders, what they really believed in and their visions for a free America. Separation of church and state meant for the state, the government, to keep out of church business.

    Another fallacy is the right to worship as one sees fit. The big battle back then was Catholicism versus Protestantism. This was the major battle going on in England. The major point is, all they talked about was CHRISTIAN worship. Muslims, Hindus, Atheists, etc. were not even considered in the principles because America was founded as (and still IS by majority preference) a Christian nation.

    We have already witnessed some retailers taking Christ out of Christmas (Happy Holidays, Merry X-mas, Yuletide greetings) but when the masses speak up and refuse to shop there, most change their ways. What will it take for the masses to speak up against government intrusion on our basic beliefs?

    It never ceases to amaze me to sit in different churches and listen to one Preacher, Minister or Priest bash another's religious belief. It seems they have plenty of time to argue among themselves as to who does what best or who has what wrong in their denomination while Satan hacks away at the very foundation of our right to free worship. His lies about anyone being able to do whatever they want, anyway they want, has so distorted the picture of the right to worship, that many Americans have no clue as to what this means.

    America grew strong and prospered under a willing submittal and obedience to God, His word, and His Son, Jesus Christ. Today we see America sliding headfirst heavily into the abyss. No wonder. A few misguided leaders have taken the reigns and turned us from a God fearing nation into one similar to Sodom. Abominations to God are being applauded and revered while we allow the most precious gift ever, the birth of His Son, Jesus Christ, little by little, to be taken entirely out of the picture.

    It is way past time for Christian America to act. Bombard your elected officials with calls, letters and emails demanding your children have the right to celebrate Christmas. Contact the school boards as well and also demand from them the rights of the majority. Tell the retailers you want Christmas displayed and advertised. Read your Bible. God did not intend for Christians to sit back and be a bunch of mealy mouthed people who refuse to stand up for their beliefs. He did not intend for us to "water down" our beliefs so anti-Christians would not be "offended".

    Speaking of being offended. Why are we not offended when a few demand and successfully take away our religious rights, our culture and our traditions? Are we so scared of our elected officials that we refuse to argue with them? Are we so removed from God that we will allow the heathens to overrun us?

    A little over two thousand years ago, a lowly child was born unto a virgin. This was God's greatest gift to a fallen sin stricken people. He was born to poor parents. He was not known to the world as royalty yet Kings came and bowed before Him. One day soon, they will again. He didn't wear a Rolex, drive a Mercedes, or wear thousand dollar suits yet to this day no greater teacher or preacher ever lived. He came to suffer horribly and die a most horrendous death to pay our sin debt. We are free of sin just by accepting Him for who He is. By living for Him.

     He was not merely a Prophet or great teacher as some say. He was, and IS, the one living Son of the true God. He loves us enough to go through what He did so that we may not be damned to an eternal hell, but rather through Him, live forever with Him.

    Honoring His birth, and acknowledging this great gift from the Almighty, is something we should not only feel obligated to do, but also be thrilled in doing. Letting a few minorities take this right away is absolutely despicable. What is even more sickening is when ones come to America from some desolate, poverty stricken heathen nation and start whining about their beliefs. America became great under the one true God and His Son. They come here because we are, or WERE, a great free land. Then they want us to bend to their ways, which obviously didn't work, and to give up our beliefs and traditions to suit them. The insanity is we allow it to happen.

    The Klan IS a Christian Order. We will not bow before ANY foreign God. We acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ for who He is, the true living Son of God. We will allow no others before Him. We know soon He will come again in His full glory and this time, EVERY knee will bow before Him. The True King of Kings. Scientists and Theologians can argue from now until doomsday about what day and year He was born, but what does it matter? We have chosen December 25th as the day of His birth and I am sure He is fine with this. It is the principle of the thing that matters. The day of the birth of a Saviour to the world. Just think on this. You can't buy that at Wal Mart. Even greater, it is free. Without embarrassment and in humble adoration I say to MY Lord and Saviour, JESUS CHRIST,

Happy Birthday!

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