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Friday, April 18, 2014

As we were walking through Wal-Mart the other day I noticed a group of Hispanics. There were 5 or 6 adults and a whole slew of children, all ages. They were buying up a storm. When we left I saw them again outside and they were getting into a nice nearly new large S.U.V. with custom wheels and a nearly new club cab long bed pick up. Both are expensive vehicles. Several thoughts began going through my mind. First of all was the sympathy so many have for them as they "do the jobs no one else will do".

There are many who belong to different churches we attended over the years who always want to try and help them. Things for the kids at Christmas, food drives, clothes drives, whatever. One even wanted to go help them in FL after a hurricane because so many were illegal and they would not come forward for fear of being deported.

Don't think me hard hearted here for I feel sorry for anyone living in poverty. However, look at a lot of their situations. They will find the cheapest places to rent and most times several share one place. They pool their resources and send a lot of money back home. As I learned in FL with ones in the construction trade it wasn't all to help family either. Quite a few of them laughed and said our $300,000.00 home could be built for 30 to 40 thousand in Mexico and by the time they were done they could pay for one with cash and have lots left over.

Another thing I notice a lot is seeing a Hispanic girl no more then 20, pregnant, pushing a baby carriage and having 3 or 4 no more then a year apart following her into a store. Naturally, they pay with the card, paid for by us, the taxpayer. Different ones working in these stores have told me they have seen them regularly with a debit amount of $3500.00 on the card. Also, who pays for the babies deliveries? Us, the taxpayer again.

I was talking to a friend of mine a few days ago and this same subject came up. He said yes, you see them with 2 or 3 carts full (and both of us said at the same time) and not a store brand item in the bunch. All brand name items. He said you can go down to the building next to the hospital each Thursday and see them go in for their free health care too.

Now look, it is high time for people to remove the blinders and take a hard look around. America is in a desperate state. Our deficit is past enormous yet we keep trying to take care of the world. 350 million to this country and 500 million to that country and most of them continuously vote against us in the U.N. How good is that for fair practice? Our production is down to that of third world countries and what we import staggers one's mind. More and more Americans are moving from middle class to lower class each day and the political idiots in Washington keep telling us things are improving. IMPROVING? For WHO? Certainly not us. They keep telling us unemployment is dropping while failing to mention all that are off the rolls as either their benefits ran out or they accepted much lesser paying jobs, or got disgusted and gave up looking.

Drugs (and God only knows what else) are coming across our borders by the tons, along with hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants and they tell us they can't shut the borders down. It's not can't, it's WON'T. These illegals are taking loads of jobs plenty of Americans would be glad to get. A lot work for cash "under the table" and of course no taxes are taken out, unemployment, social security or workman's comp either. All leaving us with incredible shortfalls. What we need to do in America is take the fat cats in Washington and put them on the unemployed roster. That is a start. We also need to report any working here illegally, turn those in dealing drugs, report gang activities, housing violations, traffic violations, and any other legal thing we can use to show we have had enough.

Our forefathers fought and died for this country and they did not do it with the intent that it be given away. As hard as it may sound, this land is ours and so are its fruits. Letting our politicians squander away America should be sickening to any true American.

Another thing that is ludicrous is allowing foreign gangs to run drugs, murder innocent people, attack citizens at will and then defending their actions by saying they came from a poor environment. Only if we stand together and demand that these things stop will it ever end.

People need to learn about real racism. Want to see a genuine racist? Take a look at Al Sharpton and others like him. The Klan is not made up of a bunch of race haters but of those who love and support the white race. There is nothing wrong in that or in defending it. Someone needs to because those we have in D.C. will not.

The very culture of America is being changed and most of us believe that it is by design. Christianity is constantly being attacked, family values are all but gone, homosexual unions are accepted, the youth respect no one, police and federal officers are gunned down in the streets regularly and the drug lords are running rampant. Child abuse, murder of children, rape and other violent crimes fill our streets and are even brought into our homes, yet, the liberals cry to take guns away from legal citizens and get huge amounts of support from our noble politicians.

If there is not a plot by the elite in Washington to undermine our society and bring this country to its knees, there should be as they are doing an excellent job of it. They are openly wanting to grant amnesty to those here illegally while we, the taxpayers, foot the bill, do with less ourselves, and help those very ones who are breaking the back of the working man here.

Read the statistics on California and see just how many tens of millions the illegals are costing them. It is staggering. No wonder they face bankruptcy. This is fast spreading across this land and all we hear is more of "how to help them". When is someone in Washington going to do something to help us, the native born Americans? All we get is the shaft.

It has been said over and over again by these illegals that the white man does not belong here, and that they will do all they can to eliminate us from the North American Continent. Either by running us off or by breeding us out. This whole theme of a "brown America" by some will certainly help them achieve that goal.

Take the blinders off and look hard at reality. It is not about racism. It is about the very survival of the white race and that is the cold, hard truth of it.

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